L5: Chord Melody



  • Choose a ‘chord melody’ tablature solo that interests you. Chord melody arrangements are about 90% barre chords with a few licks of melodic line thrown in here and there. See the above suggestion, peruse the sites in the introduction to this section for a list of places to find other tablature arrangements, or (if you’re feeling ambitious) create your own from scratch or by building a chord melody solo from an existing arrangement.
  • Chord melody arrangements are a great way to reinforce learning your barre chords. Learning to play a series of barre chords smoothly is just a matter of taking the time and having patience with yourself.
  • Practice slowly, using a metronome, and gradually increase your tempo as you become more comfortable playing the piece.


Earn your Instrumental Level 5 patch by demonstrating playing a chord melody solo (as defined above) of your choosing. The performance should highlight the following skills:

  • Ability to play in tempo, keeping a steady beat.
  • Ability to smoothly navigate the barre chords required in the piece.
  • Ability to sustain the phrases of the arrangement (playing is not choppy).