Intro: a Stab at Tab

Getting Started

To understand the basics of reading tablature, please read this post by Al Wood:

This covers all the basics, but if you would like more info, read the rest of the series.

Further thoughts

While tablature can, and often does stand on it’s own, the most helpful tablature arrangements include traditional staff notation above the tablature part so you can see what notes you are playing as well as where to play them. Why is this helpful? Sometimes the arranger fails to see the absolute best way to fret a passage of music. By seeing what the notes are for yourself, it makes it easier to make changes that suit your style of playing better.

While each level of this section of the site only challenges you to pass off one piece on that level, if you’d like to become truly proficient at playing tablature solos you should learn to play many pieces at each of the levels.

Sources of tablature

Here are some good online resources to find a tablature arrangement you’d like to play . . .

These are some tablature books that are in my library . . .