Challenges & Earning Patches

To earn Power Up Ukulele Patches you are often asked to demonstrate a skill on your ukulele. If you’re taking the course from M. Ryan Taylor in person, these may be done in class or you may upload a video of yourself and send the link to him at The advantages to taking video of yourself is that you can take all the time you want to get it just the way you want it, and you have a record of your progress over time.

Handwritten assignments can be turned in during class, or you may scan or take a photo of them and email them to

If you’re using this site as a guide for self-study, you’re still welcome to send links to videos of yourself to Ryan. He’ll be keeping a record of people’s accomplishments and you may end up being featured on the Power Up blog.

For the time being, patches are virtual, but there are plans to design the patches and print them on stickers. Once you’ve earned a patch and have the sticker in hand, you can place them on the back or your uke, ukulele case, binder, etc., as a reminder of all you’ve accomplished.