AE: Reggae & Ska

Reggae is a laid-back, swung style that gets it’s charactaristic sound from the 2nd and 4th beats. Ska is similar but is not swung and is played much faster. To earn your AE Reggae & Ska patch demonstrate four of the strums on this page. At least one strum should be demonstrated in the context of a song. The other three patterns may be demonstrated with a chord progression of your choice. You may also demonstrate all four strums in the context of one song. Demonstrated strums should keep a consitent beat with no noticeable pauses between chords. Please refer to the strumming shorthand guide for any unfamiliar symbols.


– – Φ – – – Φ –
– – Π Φ – – Φ –
x x Π V x V Π x
x x Π V x V Π V
x x Π V x x Π V
x x Π x x x Π x
– 4 Π V – 4 Π V


– Φ – Φ – Φ – Φ
––ΠΦ ––Φ– ––ΠΦ ––Φ–
xxΠV xVΠx xxΠV xVΠx
xxΠV xxΠV xxΠV xxΠV
xxΠx xxΠx xxΠx xxΠx
–4ΠV –4ΠV –4ΠV –4ΠV

Note: The above Reggae and Ska groupings are exactly the same patterns, only the Ska patterns are twice as long and played at double time.