L9: Solo Embellishments


This section builds on the material covered in Level 8 Soloing and adds three useful techniques for embellishing a solo line: the slide, hammer-on and the pull-off. Watch these videos as an introduction to the techniques:


Earn your Soloing Level 9 patch by demonstrating the following for two chord progressions of your choosing:

  • Improvise a solo of at least 30 seconds using chord tones as a starting point.
  • Keep the pulse steady, but vary the rhythm of your solo.
  • Use non-chordal scale tones to add phrases that incorporate ‘tension and release.’
  • Use at least one note that doesn’t belong to the scale: a half-step leading to a chord tone. This will incorporate another method of attaining ‘tension and release’ in your solo.
  • Be sure to incorporate at least two hammer-ons, two pull-offs and two slides into your solo.