L6: 5 Positions of G Major


In order to complete this level you’ll need to read this excellent article by Brett McQueen of UkuleleTricks.com. Concentrate on learning the patterns on strings 1, 2 & 3 (A, E & C).

NOTES: See the notes section on L5: 5 Positions of C Major.


Earn your Soloing Level 6 patch by demonstrating the following:

  • After printing out some staff/tab paper (pdf), write out each of the five playing positions of the G major scale. Write the appropriate fret numbers on the tab below the staff (numbers should only appear on strings 1, 2 & 3).
  • Using the above work as a reference, create an exercise that incorporates all five playing positions of the G major scale. Write/tab this exercise on staff/tab paper. Play your scale exercise, saying the names of the notes as you play. Tempo (speed) does not matter, but keep a steady beat.
  • Write/tab an original melody of at least 16 bars using the the G major scale. Incorporate at least three of the major scale positions. Play this melody, keeping a steady beat.