Intro: Finding Songs

This is what it is all about, learning songs that you feel comfortable playing at the drop of a hat. Songs on your ‘set lists’ are songs you loved enough to memorize and work out all the bugs.

Finding Songs

  • Amazon: There are many great ukulele songbooks on Amazon, and it’s nice to have them in bound collections. The big upside is that you’re helping support the artists that wrote the songs you love.
  • Piano/Vocal/Guitar songbooks can also be used by ukulele players, you just need a ukulele chord dictionary and the patience to look up and write in the chords. Artists still get paid; big plus.
  • When you just can’t find a song in sheet music: Time to go online and google “the name of my favorite song” and “ukulele chords” to see if your song might be out there somewhere. Sometimes you can purchase a downloadable version of the song from the publisher.
  • Free sources: Because of copyright, my preferred website for song sheets is where they block out most of the lyrics (assuming you know them already). Technically, chord progressions cannot be copyrighted, so by only listing a few words of the lyrics that don’t make any sense on their own, the website avoids any possible legal action. Other websites site ‘fair use’ for educational purposes; this is substantially more shaky, especially if the site hosts any advertising.
  • Still can’t find a song? Figure it out and make your own lyric/chord lead sheet.