L4: Triple Stops & Barres



  • Choose a tablature solo that interests you. Be sure the arrangement includes a few triple stops (three strings played at the same time) and barre chords (all four strings are played at the same time). See the above suggestion, peruse the sites in the introduction to this section for a list of places to find other tablature arrangements, or (if you’re feeling ambitious) create your own.
  • Pay attention to your fingering. You’ll need to take into consideration where you are coming from and where you are going to be able to play the piece smoothly.
  • Practice slowly, using a metronome, and gradually increase your tempo as you become more comfortable playing the piece.


Earn your Instrumental Level 4 patch by demonstrating playing mixed technique piece (as defined above) of your choosing. The performance should highlight the following skills:

  • Ability to play in tempo, keeping a steady beat.
  • Ability to smoothly navigate the fingerings required for the various techniques involved in the piece.
  • Ability to sustain the phrases of the arrangement (playing is not choppy).